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Iain Glover

folk singer, song writer

Introducing Iain Glover

Iain is affectionately known as 'The Miserable Mandolin Player' and is renowned for his ability to lift almost any song either with his skilful and sensitive mandolin picking, or simply with his incredibly powerful voice.

Since the mid 60's folk revival, Iain has been a well known part of the folk scene. His first appearance was at the 'Fox and Goose' in Bradford. Iain has been involved in many successful partnerships including:

  • The Crofters
  • Leather Bottle
  • Early Doors with Mark Longster
  • Keeper's Fold

He now performs solo and as a duo with Joolz Cavell and enjoys playing as a backing musician with friends and other artists along the way.

Iain lives near Northallerton in North Yorkshire.

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